Hi, it's me, E.J. Thanks for visiting! Currently working on a high concept female buddy feature script called Weed Out, editing a historical fiction bio PB called The Brontësaurus Sisters. The Boy Who Loved Minecraft is an early reader I'm happy to trade crits for if you're a children's writer FYI. (email me!) It's "unofficial" fan fiction. Seeking representation. What I'm listening to: Bubble (fiction podcast comedy--it's great!) and Destination Earth (scifi podcast). 

My new favorite thing to do is to read under an Edison bulb or candlelight. If you have neither, there's always the moon. 

Been reading a graphic novel by Junji Ito called Uzumaki. I found it listening to the Ghost Story Guys Podcast. I've been finding such good reccys off of podcasts. 

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