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Hi, it's me, E.J. Thanks for visiting! COMING SOON: CREATURES of COMFORT, a historical fiction that's too important to miss, written under a pseudonym. Why a pseudonym? Because I'm too lazy to have my designer change it back TBH.


Here's the blurb: At the height of WWII, Japanese forces occupy the Korean peninsula. Hana and Jina Bak are Korean at heart but divided in their affections for their "new culture." It would be normal teenage behavior if they weren't trafficked into being "Comfort Women" for the Japanese military. The girls must learn how to navigate the rules of the comfort station, ally themselves with powerful friends, and resist the temptations many sex slaves succumb to. With a newfound appreciation for sibling relationships and devotion to ones' family, the girls must decide the best way to get home before they lose their lives, their sanity, and their very souls. In the vein of the Joy Luck Club, Creatures of Comfort imbues the reader with a sense of fate vs. will, luck, and family ghosts.


Currently submitting high concept buddy feature script called Weed Out,  for representation.  Pipeline: writing first Horror Comedy called Tasty Things. 3 Boys vs. some hungry ass Nazis. Status: as Apatow would say: Vomit Draft. (first).


The Boy Who Loved Minecraft is a chapter book I'm working with a young illustrator and will publish soon. 

In between projects I like to keep fresh by writing for Medium. This story was the inspiration for my Historical Fiction above  

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