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Fan fiction inspiration

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Minecraft, Bladerunner and Neal Stephenson

I had a hard time getting my son to read so I wrote Minecraft Fan Fiction for him. Instead of him reading it I ended up reading to him. He also likes (I won't say how old he is) the old school Hardy Boys mysteries but only when I read to him. I'm like "bruh, you're a little old for me to read to you but if you promise to read to me when I am too old for it it's a deal!"

Many years ago I was saddened to hear that the majority of readers are girls. I can tell it contributes to reading fluency and vocabulary and his suffer a bit in comprehension. Have you ever tried writing fan fiction?

I'd also love to write a Bladerunner fan fiction where Deckard and Rachel have a real family life and all the things that could happen with her being a Nexus and their kids being halfsies. I'm also late on board with Neal Stephenson. I'm listening to Seveneves audiobook and I find myself stealing moments to where I was on Audible before getting distracted (only because I'm quite busy during the day with everything else--so I listen in the car, cooking dinner, bathing, just before bed really any time that's spare! So far I feel like his writing is just enough description and I feel like I know these characters. His world building is --I can't even describe it but let's just say you don't get it until you're ready. Someone bought Snow Crash for me many years ago and I wasn't ready for it. Now I'm like where is that book again?!

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