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Been writing for a while, never could I ever stick to one genre is short so why not sample it all? I have written scripts, novels, picture books and poems. Previously published under a pen name for an alternative newsweekly. (my only paying gig other than copywritin'). 

Some quick facts:

I am an entrepreneur at heart. Having started two businesses, I love talking about making money. You can do great things with a bit o' capital. I love reading about it, writing about it and generating ideas.

I love reading and watching comedy, crime, horror, history and the occasional weepy romance but not in any particular order. 

I am a huge proponent of educating children. For a couple of years I started up Maker Kids Lab, an after school maker workspace that also taught entrepreneurism. My husband was part of an educational startup called Pop Up Play, which was featured on Shark Tank and was funded. That gave me a bit of a startup "bug!"

I love collaborating with like minded writers and genre busters.

I crush on all comedians--it's the hardest thing to do to be funny all the time!

I am inspired by current events, moods and in awe of women who really make a difference, start up a product, service, non profit or problem solve something for all underrepresented peeps or marginalized segments of society.

If I had more time I would help detectives with their cold cases.

I believe that people become enlightened at different times--we are all on our spiritual journeys.

I loved Oz, the show on HBO so much I signed up to be a corrections officer and made it past two tests before I realized I'd be a horrible jailer.--just to get stories! 

But more recently: 

I started a site--called to post videos of interesting jobs during shelter in place. I'm still drafting my letter to people with jobs who might share their profiles and send me their videos but I want to make sure it's perfect! 

Do you do something repeatable? Do you love it? Would a youth like to do what you do but not spend 4 years of college to do it?  Or was college mission critical? Did you have a hack or was it knowing someone that helped you?

Young people of today would love to know!  I know I would have as a kid! Would you share your knowledge? If so, let's put it on Jobbetizer! It's a job appetizer--a little taste before committing to the whole dish!

Enough about me, tell me about you, drop me a comment or send an email! Would you like to send me inspiration to write something? 

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